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Believe it or not, the concept here isn’t revolutionary at all, but Studio 5050 is revising the old huggable shirt idea by infusing an ultra-soft hoodie with a pattern made of “silver conductive fabric.” When two people wearing the embrace-me hoodies, um, embrace one another, energy is transferred and a pattern on the back lights up while a heartbeat sound is emitted. Quite frankly, we can’t imagine this not boosting the hugs-per-day in a typical relationship, but at $480 to $600 per pair, counseling may come out a bit cheaper in the end.


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Natalie Portman has been doing heavy flirting with ruffles this year at Cannes. And I’m doing a lot of waffling on whether I think they’re pretty and flirty, or kind of crazy. Don’t get me wrong, I love waffles. Just not mind waffles. So you, dear readers, need to put on your special baby-soft clicking glove of judgment and prepare to be the jury.

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Taking the ‘p’ out of ‘pilots’

Danger Room uses the announcement of the “Advanced Mission Extender Device” [pictured]— a fancy pair of urine-collecting briefs for pilots — to discuss the state of mid-air defueling technology. Pilot relief isn’t just a comfort issue.

Some pilots do permanent damage to their bladders by holding it in for hours at a time, which can cause incontinence and other problems,” the AP notes.  Totally draining yourself — “tactical dehydration” — can cause headaches and worse.  “At least twice, F-16s have crashed as their pilots tried to urinate. In 1992, one crashed in Turkey after a belt buckle got wedged between the seat and the control stick, prompting the Air Force to urge pilots not to unbuckle completely.”

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This makes me see Art in a totally different manner. Totally awe-inspiring!

If you didn’t notice, this was done all on one A4 paper each. Click images to enlarge.

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Despite the near 100-degree weather on Monday, Paris Hilton decided to get her fake bake on.

And, the entrepreneurial socialite wore some ‘interesting’ pants with slits in them on her way to the tanning salon in Los Angeles.

Paris’s pants… LOVE them?? or LOSE them??

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Artist and designer of the now-iconic Vuitton handbags, Takashi Murakami, is auctioning off several pieces in Sotheby’s upcoming spring auctions. The most valuable, estimated between $3-4 million, is a sculpture of a manga dude, um, “ejaculating in lasso-like form,” titled “My Lonesome Cowboy.”

Hey, it’s not NSFW if it’s art.


Takashi Murakami, the artist known in part for his work on Louis Vuitton handbags, just saw his sculpture of a nude anime-looking dude ejaculating (left) sell for $15 million at auction. As reported previously, it had only been expected to fetch up to $4 million. The winning bid was submitted to Sotheby’s by telephone, probably because no one likes to buy this sort of thing in person, even if it’s at a classy art auction. Especially if it’s at a classy art auction.

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Yamaha’s got a thing for making dreams into reality, and we must say, we’re crossing our fingers and hoping to all that’s good and merciful in this world that the above pictured device goes commercial. Little is actually known about the keyboard / notepad hybrid aside from the fact that it was showcased at the Milano Salone trade fair in Italy, and for what it’s worth, Yamaha christened the device “key for journey.” Look, there are even slots in the leather-bound lid so the keys have room to breathe when it’s all closed up. Ah well, a boy can dream, can’t he?

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