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Man Utd fans will always LOVE u!!! thanks John

HEHEHE i OWN u… SERIOUSLY, is there anything to talk about between them?

Best that BANGKOK has to offer

not flour not snow but COCAINE!! snort the stretchful y’all

To-Do Tattoos are skin-safe to-do-list temporary tatts that come with a skin-safe felt-tip marker.

Preventing Bike Theft by Parking Bikes Up in the Air

High-Definition Television(HDTV) does make a difference

Stripper pumps for sale on the internet that include a tip-jar in the sole. Win liao…




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Gotta agree it’s ingenious. Why don’t we implement it here?

Update: Seems that this has already been implemented here in Changi Airport Terminal 3! (Thanks for the info bestie)

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Pregnant  Stick

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Donald Soffritti has a great series of illustrations showing what some superheroes and supervillains might look like in their old age.

Along these same lines, Spirit Magazine, the inflight magazine for Southwest Airlines, recently published an article on Nickelodeon which includes a wonderful illustration of some popular cartoon and comics characters as senior citizens.

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yeeeeeha! a la Grand Theft Auto

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